Sample Code – Adding UPS Tracking Code to Links

Sample Code – Adding UPS Tracking Code to Links featured image

Have you ever wanted to drop a UPS order tracking code link into your website (for orders) or email to customers, to allow them to “click here to track your order” and were wondering how to format this link?

Well, wonder no more with a simple tutorial describing how to make exactly that!

Sample Code – Adding UPS Tracking Code to Links

<a href="[YOURTRACKINGCODE]"></a>
Obviously, you should replace the [YOURTRACKINGCODE] with an actual tracking code, ideally one your stored from the UPS API when you auto-generated the order, right 😉

I posted this as it took me a little while to track down the correct URL for this when I needed it last. Hope it helps you. If it does, leave a comment!

Additional Update – using your own UPS Tracking Code!

Have you landed in here looking for somewhere online to input your own UPS tracking code? If so, then I’ve made a tool for you below, which uses the formula above to shoot you over, magically, to the UPS website and track your parcel. Because… well, we noticed that a lot of people were landing here searching for UPS tracking, and figured that, actually, maybe a lot of you actually wanted to track a parcel, rather than working as developers to make UPS tracking links (which is described above).

So what a great opportunity to demonstrate this lovely code, then to make special automatic links which send you across to UPS with your tracking code all entered up.

Here you go – simply enter your UPS number into the box below, hit submit, and you’ll see the magic happening in real time:


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