WordPress Update Theme Caching Issues – Missing Sidebar on Enfold

WordPress Update Theme Caching Issues – Missing Sidebar on Enfold featured image
(Last Updated On: April 22, 2016)

We use the Enfold theme as a framework on a number of websites, including this one, alongside some pretty powerful WordPress caching tools to deliver a speedy yet stylish experience to visitors.

One of the elements which occsassionally fails to update particularly gracefully, particularly where we are using Child Themes, is the CDN part, which can break on theme upgrades, despite telling the cache to invalidate.

On our Enfold themes, this usually results in headers and sidebars becoming clunky, breaking, or moving around unexpectedly. This is because the new style settings are applied, but the old stylsheet (or no stylesheet) is being loaded by your browser.

There are a few parts to clear out after an upgrade:

  1. Clear your browser cache and cookies;
  2. Revisit your website;
  3. Do a hard refresh;
  4. Clear your WordPress caching system.

This still might not resolve your style issues if you sit behind a CDN which delivers your static files, like Stylesheets.

We found this on our setup – and on a number of client setups – when rolling out major updates.

One setting which can resolve this on w3 total cache is to open up the CDN settings, and untick the “host theme files” setting. This will tell the CDN not to attempt to pull the theme style files, and instead load them locally. This part doesn’t work particularly well with child themes, so its one to untick. You’ll often find this gets the desired results, and your styles are reinstated.

Leave a comment below if this works for you.

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