Mobile Versions: How Do We Make Our Website Look Better on an iPhone or Android Handset?

The mobile web is here, and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere fast, now, does it?!

So you probably want to make your company website look good on an Apple iPhone, iPad, or Google Android Handset?

Well, the good news for people who use WordPress to manage their web content is that there is a great little plugin for this, which even has an excellent premium version. Get it at the following link:

This plugin, when setup correctly, can automatically detect when users are accessing a website using an Android handset, an iPod Touch, or an iPhone, and deliver a lighter, smartphone optimized website to those people.

If you have WordPress, and are able to set up the plugin above, it is all you need to deliver fast content to people on slow mobile networks – your clients and web visitors will thank you for the bandwidth savings!

If you don’t think you can use the plugin on your company website, maybe it is time to setup something that will be future proof for the mobile generation. Just contact us at Silicon Dales and we can get you setup in a matter of days, from start to finish. We can create for your business both an ordinary website, and a speedy mobile website, quickly.

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