How to Use Gravity Forms to Collect Referring Page URL

Gravity Forms is a very easily extended plugin for contact forms, lead capture forms and a lot of other things you can use forms for.

Below is a description of how to use Gravity Forms to collect the referring page URL, so you know where the person filling in the form came from, easily, without any extra effort!

Step 1 – Add a Hidden Field to your Form & Give it a Name

  1. Select a “Hidden Field” in the options to the right;
  2. Add it and move it to where you’d like it in the form (its hidden, but this may relate to where the info shows in your email notification);
  3. Open up the hidden field and set the options for Field Label (the name)

Like this:

Step 2 – Fill out the Advanced tab details

  1. Click on the hidden field, open up its options, then select the Advanced tab.
  2. In the advanced tab, either select from the drop down icon to the right “HTTP Referer URL” or enter “{referrer}” (without the quotes) into the “Default Value” box
  3. That’s it – save your form! There’s a picture below to help on this part, too.

Worked for you? Got Questions?

Leave a comment below if you have questions or issues with implementation.

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  1. Hello

    thank you for the great tip,

    how do I populate it rather then the url with the previous page meta title?

    thank you



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