Automatic WooCommerce product imports (and updates) from CSV or XML feeds

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  • Thousands of products to update
  • Lots of data to handle
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Product Description

If you’re looking to import and update your WooCommerce products from an XML or CSV file, either manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically, to make managing your products from your own, or a third party, product feed, Silicon Dales are able to assist you every step of the way.

Our WooCommerce expert developers will work with you to setup a product and/or stock import to add, update, remove and modify your WooCommerce store and stock levels as frequently as you required.

Third Party Data

Whether you are drop-shipping from a merchant datafeed, or you would simply like to make store management easier by completing your stock updates from a spreadsheet (or other software produced feed, like Quickbooks or similar), this is all possible with WooCommerce.

CSV or XML | Pull or Push

If you are a distributor, maybe you want to push XML or CSV files to your retailers? Maybe you are a retailer, and your distributor can push you a CSV feed of all their product data via FTP into a specific folder.

Whatever you need, if it is eCommerce data, and you need to either pull or push it to/from retailer websites, Silicon Dales are able to assist with the setup of your import or export process, and also to completely automate this to run on a schedule to suit your needs and business. Get your product catalogue automatically updating on a regular schedule, so you can concentrate on making more sales.

With particular expertise in WooCommerce, Silicon Dales can set this process up to automate your woo products inventory, pricing, product information and more. Totally hands free product management, perfect for corporate groups with multiple outlets driven by a central inventory management solution.


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