Facebook Advertising Pixel Placement

Facebook Pixel Placement on your WordPress website.

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Boost your social advertising setup with Facebook Pixel Placement on WordPress websites.

Swift Turnaround

You’ve got the campaign, and the Pixel, all you need now is swift assistance from Silicon Dales to get your Pixel campaign live and tracking.

Account Access

An expert WordPress developer will work with you to delegate access to the relevant Facebook pixel and associated WordPress website.

Custom Events

During Consultation, Silicon Dales will work with you to identify any custom events or segmentation required as part of your Pixel setup.

Pixel Firing

Once installed, your Pixel will be tested to ensure that all elements are “firing” as desired.


After satisfactory firing is complete, handover docs and a demonstration video will be provided showing the successful firing of the Pixel, where the Pixel is placed in your WordPress website and where the related data can be found in your Facebook dashboard.