OnPrem Sage 200 integration for WooCommerce

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Integrate WooCommerce with your on-premises Sage 200 software.

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Product Description

Book a Sage 200 integration for your WooCommerce store, from the Silicon Dales development team.

This product includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Integration of WooCommerce with the on-premises Sage 200 application

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, your WooCommerce expert will discuss your Sage setup, WooCommerce setup, any data-entry bottlenecks and the priorities for your business.

The current setup will be covered, so that we can understand where time savings may be made or – perhaps more importantly – which elements must remain, even if they “slow things down” a little.

We’ll also ask about key members of your team, who may be asked to test the setup with us – their availability and communication preferences.

Automated Data Transfer

No more keying-in or running around with print-outs. Automatically populate all data fields in Sage 200 from your WooCommerce store.

Refocus on new priorities

Most businesses who book our on-premises Sage 200 integration for WooCommerce are saving hundreds of staff hours per month, allowing team members to refocus their efforts on new priorities within the business.

Set and forget

Whilst most of our happy clients ask us for occasional updates (for example when Sage changed their authentication protocols) – this task is mostly a set-and-forget, one-off improvement to your business processes. There is no on-going contract unless you want one.

Looking to the future

If you are looking to move to Sage cloud versions in the future, this interim improvement often frees up staff to tackle migrating accounts to the cloud.

Full documentation

You will be furnished with full documentation of how the integration operates so your IT team and accounts staff are in the loop, and you’ll have everything to hand if you need a developer to take a look in the future.


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