Replatforming an eCommerce Store

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Who Needs This?

Are you suffering from:

  • platform lock-in?
  • sky-high monthly fees?
  • basic functionality?
  • lack of choice over payment systems?
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Product Description

Whether you’re looking to offset fees, gain new functionality or break out of a contract, Silicon Dales can assist with moving your eCommerce operation onto a new setup.

Moving Products

Extract the product data – it belongs to your business! We can help get your data out of your current setup and use it to spring up a new store. Data cleaning and transformation services also available for those tricky data sets with custom or unusual strings.

Moving Customers & Orders

Advice and assistance on moving customer and order details in a compliant and cost effective way. Seamlessly port across customers and payment cycles whilst using the opportunity to pare down server costs.

Changing Payment Gateways and Payment Options

Whatever your contract or credit agreement with your current payment gateway, the payments sector is currently being disrupted in a big way and there are a heap of new options in the payment gateway market. Let us guide you through some of the refreshing young players as well as new products from traditional providers.

Break Free

If you’ve been locked into a corporate platform contract, or selling through a third party platform, moving to Open Source eCommerce is an opportunity to take your business back into your own hands. Get full ownership of the application, customize as you see fit and choose from a big pool of expert developers.


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