Transactional Email Setup

From: $150.00 (per hour)

Transactional Email Setup on your WordPress or WooCommerce website, to ensure your emails are deliverable.

This is the service for your if you or your customers are experiencing difficulty receiving order or other transactional mail sent by your WP site or server.

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Product Description

Get your system messages sending from your WordPress website. From user logins to eCommerce receipts and confirmation emails, it’s important to ensure application emails are being sent correctly.

Offloading email

Offload the transactional email load from your WordPress application with assistance from Silicon Dales. Gain extra deliverability, reliability, lower server costs, extra security and full logging. Silicon Dales will assist you to choose the most relevant and appropriate transactional email service for your site.

Extra features

Silicon Dales will advise you on extra features available with a third party transactional email service, such as SMS notifications, spam management, logging, A/B testing and email validation.

Get pinging

Get your WordPress emails pinging as desired with transactional email setup assistance from Silicon Dales.


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