Voice for WooCommerce

Who Needs This?

Are you suffering from:

  • audio course candidates dropping out?
  • visually impaired website visitors struggling to access your content?
  • your in-house staff finding it difficult to check stock and delivery status from other parts of the building?
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In addition to Voice for WordPress, there are great opportunities in connecting voice assistants and WooCommerce.

From enabling Order Status and Re-Ordering by voice, to delivering courses and content to pre-paid users, Voice is a powerful way to connect with your customers.

Hands-free Ordering and Checking

Expand your market by making products available to purchase and monitor via voice command. Hands-free ordering can be especially useful in stock rooms and sterile environments.

Direct Delivery for Content

In the case of content services and courses, these can now be ordered and delivered directly through the voice assistant or smart home device. Example: “Resume French course”.


In addition to expanding your store’s customer base, enabling voice will help you to fulfil commitments to accessibility.

Use Cases

Existing customers can use a voice assistant to check on a delivery or make an order. Audio products can also be delivered directly.

This can be used for consumers or Business-to-Business, but works really well with return customers, regular orders or subscriptions.