Make a WordPress Website Available over AMP

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages is a great way to deliver your site faster. We’ve deep expertise in all the other methods of speeding up a WordPress website and delivering pages to your visitors as fast as possible – AMP has its place in this mix.

Google wants you to do it

Google have doubled down on their efforts to assist webmasters to give web users what they want: fast, relevant content on all devices.

The AMP Project is a great offering which goes a long way to answering most speed questions for WordPress websites.

Doing a bit of DIY?

If you’ve already installed the Official AMP Plugin for WordPress, you might already be experiencing the benefits of lightning fast pages, and extra search engine referrals.

The team at Silicon Dales can assist with resolving AMP error notifications on existing AMP-enabled WordPress pages, resolving 404’s on tag and category pages and finding alternatives for any functionality which doesn’t map across to AMP.

When AMP isn’t quite right

AMP isn’t right for every project. When that’s the case, we can help your business find exceptional speed scores and responsive design without sacrificing performance.

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