Migrate my WordPress

From: $150.00 (per hour)

Migrate your WordPress (with or without WooCommerce) website to new hosting, or a new setup within your existing hosting account.

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Product Description

Migrate your WordPress website to another host using dedicated WordPress developers through Silicon Dales.

Opening Accounts

Using a full run down of your website environment, gleaned during a consultation, an expert WordPress developer will work with you to setup a new hosting account, CDN and any other useful services which have been agreed.

Once these accounts are fully live and operational, with the right software installed and appropriate payment methods entered (just so those free trial periods don’t catch you out), the migration process will begin.


We have a great deal of experience working with various DNS settings and sometimes, depending on your setup, we may kick off some DNS changes up to 3 days before beginning the migration.


During your site inspection and consultation appropriate migration windows will have been identified which are usually the quietest periods of traffic or transactions.


Before migrating, your WordPress website’s database and files will be backed up.


Depending on your setup, there may be different methods employed for the migration. The database and files will be moved to your new hosting accounts.


Once the content of the WordPress website has been moved, the site will be “re-wired” with the new location. DNS, security certificate, email settings and more will be updated and tested.

Bedding-in Period

After a migration there may be one or two loose ends to tie up. A piece of custom code we didn’t know about, or a third party service which needs your new IP address. Whatever it is, there’s a period of troubleshooting in which to check and test the new environment (up to 30 developer minutes – timed, up to 5 working days following migration).

SEO Changes

It is expected that after moving to significantly superior hosting, a site will see an initial fall-off in traffic, followed by an all-round improvement.


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