Replatforming to WordPress

From: $150.00 (per hour)

Who Needs This?

Are you suffering from:

  • stuck on an sky-high contract
  • slow site
  • CMS is being retired
  • lack of developer availability
  • your changes are taking too long to execute

Now could be the time to migrate your content and users to the most popular CMS on the planet: WordPress. It’s free and open source software. Silicon Dales are experts at large and complex migrations to the WP ecosystem and can help you plan and manage your move from start to finish.


Product Description

Moving a website onto a new CMS presents a great opportunity to make gains in speed, responsiveness, data gathering and that all-important fresh look.

Whether you’re breaking out of vendor lock-in, sitting on an expiring CMS (such as Adobe Business Catalyst), or looking to gain from the great benefits of open source, Silicon Dales can assist your organization to switch to WordPress.

Moving Content

Extract and port across all existing website content, including images, text and custom resources, in a seamless transition. Silicon Dales has deep experience in providing this service for a wide variety of clients.

AKA content migration, it’s important to maintain all that hard work you did before, when you make the move to WordPress. Silicon Dales will also ensure you don’t lose any SEO or backlink momentum, by keeping your content structure, or enhancing it and placing solid 301 redirects to make sure any search engine ranking movement is only upwards.

Moving Users

Maintain all user information and hook into existing user credentialing such as single sign-on services or LDAP. Hold onto user generated content, biographies and profile photos.

Break Free

If you’ve been locked into a corporate platform contract, or publishing through a third party platform, moving to an Open Source CMS such as WordPress is an opportunity to take a website back in-house. Get full ownership of the application, customize as you see fit and choose from a big pool of expert developers.

Get Moving

Get your content back on track by replatforming with Silicon Dales. Simply get in touch.


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