Voice Integration

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Who Needs This?

Are you suffering from:

  • poor accessibility?
  • small audience for content?
  • a keen audience, who just can’t get enough?
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Product Description

It is now possible to access all the great content on WordPress websites by voice.

Users can listen to content from their favourite websites using commands for their smart home device or other voice assistant.

A bigger audience

Expand your audience by making content available as audio via voice command. Instead of waiting for users to power up a laptop or switch on their desktop, your podcast or briefing can be accessed day or night in the kitchen or office with a simple voice command. You’ll be reaching existing users, as well as other people in  in the room.

A well-heeled audience

Users of voice enabled devices have more disposable income.

Smart home devices are usually purchased in addition to other devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. The Google Home and Amazon Echo have a minimum of around $30 for a refurbished model.

By making your content available for voice users, you will be connecting with an affluent, future-forward audience.

Rewarding Trust

By developing your website to work with smart home devices, you’ll be rewarding the trust of your users, who may want to avoid searching the whole web for answers or new content.


Voice enabled devices can help disabled and impaired users in a number of ways: by controlling other devices in the home, setting reminders and delivering content.

In addition to expanding your website’s audience numbers, enabling voice will help you to fulfil commitments to accessibility and reach a more diverse audience.


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