WordPress PHP 7.2 Audit

PHP 7.0 was End of Life (EOL) on 3 December 2018, and PHP 5.6 will be EOL on 31 December 2018, which means that on 1 January 2019, a lot of WordPress installs will be using outdated, insecure, versions of PHP.

But it is not all plain sailing to update.

Book this product, and Silicon Dales’ expert WordPress developers will clone your WP site to a test installation, and check for PHP 7.2 compatibility, before either signing your site off as PHP 7.2 ready – or giving you a precise document of updates (and a fixed price) you need to carry out to get you there.

This is a diagnostic task.



Is your WordPress site ready for PHP 7.2?

Book this product, and the expert WP developers at Silicon Dales will clone your site to a test environment, lift your site to PHP 7.3 and use their diagnostic tools to identify what, if anything, needs updating and changing to get your WordPress install 100% PHP 7.3 compatible.

At the end of this process, we will either sign you off as PHP 7.3 ready – best case – or, if there’s action required to get your site there, you’ll get a fixed price (and precise list of requirements) to get you there.

You’ll be able to book Silicon Dales developer, who will know exactly what is needed to get your WP to PHP 7.3.


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