Introducing the “Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite” WooCommerce extension

In this post, we describe the main features of the Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite WooCommerce extension.

Please note, Silicon Dales are certified WooExperts and WooCommerce Affiliates.

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Remove unwanted fields from Gravity Forms CSV export options

Ever had a situation where you’ve got Gravity Forms setup and you want to export entries in CSV format – but you don’t want certain fields… well ever, yet they show up in the export list of options?

I’m talking things like “Payment Amount” or “Payment Date” or other things like “Transaction ID” or even “IP” or “Source URL” or similar. Perhaps you just don’t need these at all, and you want to be able to “just export” by hitting “select all”?

In these circumstances, code comes to the rescue!

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Black Friday Sale: 25% off Gravity View plans

Gravity View, is having a Black Friday sale, with 25% off plans for the excellent data displaying add-on for Gravity Forms. Gravity View gives Gravity Forms users the ability to display Gravity Forms entries on the front-end and even create a Directory with Gravity Forms Data. The makers also ship an extension which allows website …

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Plesk Tutorial – Export all Domains to CSV

We manage a few dedicated servers running multiple WordPress installations on behalf of clients, and in several cases it is expedient and user friendly for us to do this using the Parallels Plesk product. Plesk has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and Plesk Onyx shows where effort has really been made, …

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