Case Study: Moodle and Mailchimp Integration for WooCommerce

Screenshot of the Institute of Photography homepage

The Institute of Photography booked Silicon Dales to update integrations between WooCommerce, Moodle and Mailchimp, including a Moodle re-theme and some custom code. What’s the Institute of Photography? The Institute of Photography (or IOP®) was founded by photography and online photography course experts to help people increase their skills from the comfort of their own …

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How to set up a Coming Soon page for WordPress

We’re often asked by clients to create a Coming Soon page to handle website visitors while a website is either under construction or under maintenance.

Why do you need a Coming Soon page?

A Coming Soon page keeps trust high with any visitors who land on your website while it’s unavailable. It helps to service pre-existing links, reassuring people – and search engines – that yes, they’re in the right place, but no, the website isn’t available right now.

Coming soon pages are a powerful way to build hype before a site or project launch, and also conveniently hide work in progress until you’re ready to go live.

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The Silicon Dales Guide to GDPR: What does it mean for WordPress & Open Source?

This guide looks at the impact of the GDPR with special regard to website admins, owners and developers – primarily those using the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, as well as those using Google’s Google Workspace.

Silicon Dales are accredited WooCommerce developers, as well as Google Partners reselling Google Workspace to business clients inside and outside of the European Union. While this content is primarily expected to be of interest to those in a similar position, it is likely that this explanation may well be of interest to webmasters, developers, web and PR agencies, business owners, as well as senior executives looking to come up to speed with GDPR, in the context of what this might mean for their web operations.

There is also some discussion of the wider WordPress and Open Source community and how the challenges of GDPR might be addressed within that context.

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Add RSS to a Mailchimp Newsletter

Email is a really great way to stay in touch with your customers and all the statistics point to it being a major driver of new business. That’s why we’ve included some tips for getting the most out of your email newsletter below: RSS into Mailchimp Aside from RSS-driven campaigns, Mailchimp also allows you to …

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Sell Tickets Online without Merchant Transaction Fees

We’re always reviewing and recommending various digital products to our clients, and one service which we are in the habit of recommending to venue and events in order to sell tickets online is called EventBrite. EventBrite has a range of features which make it really useful for event organisers to sell tickets online, not least the …

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