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The Client

“On The Strip is a local, independent travel booking site focused on increasing travel to and within Las Vegas. Unlike other booking sites, On The Strip is content-driven creating an informed customized experience for a curious traveler. Written by locals, On The Strip provides breaking news and freshly updated information about places to stay, things to do and tips to maximize your experience.”


The Task

To build a hotel and restaurant listings site featuring the premier attractions in Las Vegas.

As WooExperts, Silicon Dales approached this using WooCommerce with a unique AMP-native approach to create a supercharged, clean and approachable service which performs well on all devices and ranks with the major search engines and against competitors.

The website was designed and developed by Silicon Dales, using a theme framework and several custom AMP components originated for this project.

Silicon Dales integrated the website with a booking engine, via API, and will in future further develop travel-focussed tools onto this AMP-native site – a bleeding edge approach to help a website in the travel sector, which can be somewhat slow to load – owing to third party scripts – load at blazing fast speed.

The Result

The website launched in December 2021, and, as high quality content was added and updated, very quickly began to perform admirably in organic searches related to Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip – with the pages on the site being extremely specific to the related search, and loading super-fast.

Users spend a good amount of time on the site, and are able to find what they are looking for, which is borne out in the data – and the continued search engine ranking improvements the website is experiencing.

What the client said

CEO Jenna Nye said of the build:

We’re really pleased with how our original content looks on this site. The photos and videos look great, but they also load really fast.

Jenna Nye

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