Case Study: Re-Theme, Migration & Optimization for Client of Xperformm – the Sports Consultancy Agency

Founded in 2013 Xperformm is company rooted in the sports, fitness and physical training arena.

XPerformm Inc provide web, social, email and software -as-a-service. We’re driven by value, service level and cost benefit.

Silicon Dales assisted the specialist team from Xperformm to re-theme, migrate and optimize a client website which include a large amount of content and custom databases for a huge amount of sports data.

One of the most common tasks undertaken for every type of client, is to create a staging environment and then rollout upgrades to a live website. This is the best practice for all high usage websites and worked seamlessly for the Xperformm team.

The second task involved migrating the client website from Sinthesis to Go Daddy Managed WordPress hosting. As the data formed the core of the client business, it was essential to preserve all data in transit and ensure that display was fully functional after all the changes.

Finally the performance optimization was aimed at enhancing the user experience when filtering through large amounts of data. Silicon Dales ran a database alteration, which can make a 40 second query take 0.003 seconds.

In addition to giving Silicon Dales 5 out of 5 stars, Grant Skinner of Xperformm said of his experience working with Silicon Dales:

Great execution and response and most of all – solved the issue.

For technical assistance with re-theming, website migration, and website optimization (speed and performance) contact Silicon Dales today.