Case Study: WordPress Optimization for LogoVisual

LogoVisual booked Silicon Dales for a WordPress speed optimization, resulting in a 3.5 second time saving.

The Client

LogoVisual are a team of designers, manufacturers and installers making bespoke whiteboard walls, collaboration zones, ThinkingWalls, training aids and more from Skipton in North Yorkshire.

The Task

Silicon Dales performed a speed optimization on the LogoVisual website, including a hosting migration, Php upgrade and change of image management.

Before & After Shots

This was a speed task, and we reduced the time taken to load the home page from over 4.4 seconds to under 1 second (loading site in Stockholm, through Pingdom).



These results were without touching much code or many features, so deeper optimizations will usually be possible, but the improvement within a matter of hours from booking are significant.

What the client said

Dan Varney at LogoVisual said of working with Silicon Dales:

We depend on responding to our clients professionally to build credibility, and carrying this through to successful delivery of projects. That’s how we win and retain business, and it’s what we look for in our suppliers. Silicone Dales created confidence from the outset. They clearly communicated their expertise, their understanding of the problem, approach and timescale, then exceeded expectations when they delivered. Model professionalism!

Make your WordPress website blazing fast

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