Silicon Dales Managed Hosting Servers – Dirty COW Free!

There is a Linux vulnerability known as Dirty COW which surfaced a week or so ago, for which there have been frequent warnings around the Linux community pretty much as soon as the vulnerability was uncovered, as it is a particularly nasty one which can, in some circumstances, allow malevolent forces to gain control of whole servers.

As soon as this issue was uncovered, in most good Linux distros (like the ones we run in our managed servers) this issue was patched up, but, as some software, like Magento, has warned users about Dirty COW this post is to confirm that all sites hosted on our managed infrastructure do not suffer from Dirty COW.

Below is the terminal readout from our main UK machine when we ran the Red Hat script to check for this vulnerability:

In case you were wondering, the exploit is called “Dirty COW” because it exploits the way the kernel (used to) handle copy-on-write (COW).

But you won’t find that being an issue if your site is hosted on our managed infrastructure, by Silicon Dales.

Holy cow!

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