Silicon Dales Parent Becomes Silicon Dales Ltd

Silicon Dales, which had previously been called “24 Hour Trading Ltd trading as Silicon Dales” is now consolidated into the easier to remember “Silicon Dales Ltd”, after the parent company “24 Hour Trading Ltd” changed its name to Silicon Dales Ltd to better reflect the future focus of the company on growing the Silicon Dales business as a bastion of Open Source introducing Small and Medium Enterprises to Open Source software systems, and the management and maintenance of the same.

The business, which will continue to trade as Silicon Dales, shall operate as a fully distributed company, which is headquartered at a Registered Office and mailing address of Lowry House, 17 Marble Street, Manchester, M2 3AW. All communications to the business should be sent to this address.

Meetings remain by appointment only.

The parent business has the same company number, officers, shareholders and is in every respect the same legal entity, albeit with a new name: Silicon Dales Ltd.

All other details remain the same, though it is likely additional contact information will follow.

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