WooCommerce Blocks Update – 2.1.0

There’s a new version of WooCommerce Blocks available. Version 2.1.0 adds the following features:

  • “Feature: Add focal point picker to the Featured Product block, so you can adjust the background image position (only available on WP 5.2+ or with Gutenberg plugin).
  • Fix: Improved fetching products from API, so searching for products in Featured Product & Hand-picked Products is faster for stores with over 200 products.
  • Fix: It might be possible to request over 100 products for the editor preview, but this would cause an API error – we now limit the preview request to 100 products.
  • Build: Update build script to show visual progress indicator.
  • Build: Update packages.”

Updating WooCommerce

We’ve got a full guide to updating WooCommerce here. The update order is a little different to plain WordPress. If you’d like assistance with your staging setup or need help troubleshooting something which comes up in testing, get in touch.

What is WooCommerce Blocks?

If you haven’t already used it, WooCommerce Blocks allows you to display products across your site in a dynamic way. Check out the plugin page here – there’s a very handy video, which shows it in action.

Can you just do it for me?

Get Silicon Dales to handle your WooCommerce updates with proactive assistance and specialist experience to help you run a successful and up-to-date store.

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