WooCommerce Logistics: Switching from FBA to a new warehousing and shipping setup

Amazon has put a hold on new shipments to its warehouses for FBA merchants until April 5th, 2020. This can include merchants selling on multiple channels including WooCommerce and eBay but shipping via the logistics facilities of Amazon.

For merchants selling via WooCommerce but shipping from Amazon FBA, the most common extension is: WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment

Clearly the new situation requires a switch-up – at least for the short term.

Option 1: Ship from your brick-n-mortar store

For smaller operations, shipping direct from your own premises may be feasible. The logistics options outside of Amazon are almost always territory-dependent – so you’ll be looking for a local shipping provider – many of whom already have an extension ready within the official WooCommerce repo.

Option 2: Using a new warehousing and shipping provider

Most established warehousing providers will supply their own API for integration with your online store. For assistance mapping this to your product lines and labelling needs, get in touch.

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