WordPress 4.9.3 Released – Update! (We have)

A new version of WordPress has shipped today, with the release of WordPress 4.9.3.

The release contains the following fixes and enhancements, as reported on WordPress.org:

This maintenance release fixes 34 bugs in 4.9, including fixes for Customizer changesets, widgets, visual editor, and PHP 7.2 compatibility. For a full list of changes, consult the list of tickets and the changelog.

What this means for Silicon Dales maintenance clients

We’ll be rolling your site onto this version (after testing your features in staging) this week, most likely tomorrow (Tuesday 6 February 2018).

What this means for WordPress webmasters

You should update your WordPress version, after backing up (of course!) as soon as is practical.

What that means for us

It meant we just updated. Everything was fine. The sky is still above us, and the earth below our feet.

What this means for cats named Roger

Not a lot. Unless that cat happens to own, manage or maintain a WordPress based website, of course. Also, I wanted to close with a joke. Not sure if it was funny or not… leave a comment!

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