WP Engine Coupon Code Discount: 4 Months Free on Annual Shared Plans

Get 4 months web hosting free on WP Engine Annual Shared Plans with the discount code below.

Coupon code: AUG20WPE
Expiry: 31st August 2020

Terms: Offer valid for new customers purchasing any Startup, Growth, or Scale plan. (Not valid for existing customers, upgrades, or any other product purchase.)

What is hosting?

What on earth is hosting and why should I care? If you have a website, it is hosted. You might get the hosting bundled as part of a website or marketing package, but there will be hosting included and it will make a difference to the quality and speed of your website’s operation. Find out more about how hosting works here.

If you’d like help to find out where your website is hosted or to move off a bundled package, contact us.

This article contains our Partner links. We will be paid a referral fee if you use this link to signup at WP Engine. You will also receive a discount, too, which is the point of this article. We are aiming for the elusive win win win here. Win for us (another wp site on a good host + some money for promoting this). Win for you (better WP hosting). Win for WP Engine (they are a business, they want your custom!).

Power This Up!!

Want to boost your speed on this setup? Of course you do! Talk to Silicon Dales about some major site optimization and our WordPress maintenance packages. Just get in touch today.

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