Plant Hire and Contractor Bookings

Hire out fleets of trucks, vehicles and equipment with bookings services from Silicon Dales.

Drop off and Pick Up

Manage drop off and pick up locations as well as different delivery options to give your customers what they want and keep your machines on the move.

Back-Up Services

Offer upsells such as 1hr back-up machines and extra insurance to ensure every site keeps going and production stays on track.


Showcase valuable compliance features such as Tier 3b and Tier 4 engines, as well as safety compliance and full documentation.

Attachments and Safety Aids

Offer a variety of attachment and safety options for each product with a clean and intuitive interface.

Contractor Booking

Associate contractors with relevant machines they have licences and “tickets” for – present customer choice, different price points and availability.


Keep track of your machines from the office and even offer tracking options to customers to help those big clients move machines where they are needed and increase security at the same time.

Payments and invoicing

Take the money straight away, produce invoices or work with purchase orders – however you want to handle payments, Silicon Dales can setup a system for your office staff to use.

People management

Notifications, bookings and even device management – manage your contractors’ smartphones and email while they are on site.

Get help with plant hire and contractor bookings

However you need to operate, Silicon Dales can assist with automation and tools to help you make more sales and take more money for your plant hire and contractor bookings services.

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