Vehicle Bookings and Fleet Management

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Whether you’re managing a car pool in-house for a company or hiring out vehicles to the public, Silicon Dales can assist with your vehicle booking needs.

Hour-to-hour Management

Get granular time management to make the most of your resources. Rather than simply day-to-day bookings, get control over every hour, premises and pick-up location.

Calendar Sync

Integrate vehicle bookings with customer or staff calendars with controls for shared calendars, individual calendars and notifications.

User roles

As many user roles as you need for the bookings side and the admin interface from in-house team leaders to VIP customer memberships.


Whether an in-house car pool system or a trade bookings site, get additional features such as premises management and VAT settings.


Promote vehicle bookings to the widest possible audience with best practice SEO, lightning fast delivery, custom landing pages and responsive design.

IoT and Trackers

Integrate with trackers, contractor devices and on-board systems to gain information, control and efficiency.

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