How to Delete a YouTube Video (2018)

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Are you looking for instructions on how to delete a video from YouTube? Maybe you haven’t been on the platform for a while, and all the controls have changed?! Whatever the reason, whether you uploaded a funny video of treasured cat which you would like to take offline, or if your old video now looks …

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How to link to a specific time in a YouTube video

Ever wanted to link to a specific time-point in a YouTube video? Well, you can, just by following the steps below, and link directly to a video, starting at the point you chose. Great for linking to TED Talks without the waffly intro part, or just to get to the clearest rendition of “all the …

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Fix Broken YouTube Auto Embed with WordPress

2018 UPDATE – please note that the issue below is resolved in the latest versions of WordPress. Update to the latest version of WP and you should find video embeds work exactly as expected now. You can chalk this off your list 🙂  On WordPress blogs, there has for a number of versions been a …

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