How to Add Pictures to Flickr and Put Them Into an Album

How to Add Pictures to Flickr and Put Them Into an Album featured image

On a recent project, we used Flickr to display a variety of subject specific image galleries which fed into WordPress based on the contents of a particular Flickr album.

When Flickr can be advantageous

We did this for 2 reasons:

  1. So that it was very easy for business users to upload images into their website (without hitting the WP backend)
  2. In order to showcase these images to the wider world (aka marketing) through Flickr.

But… albums are not obvious

However, it became apparent that, for some users, its not immediately obvious how to upload pictures into Flickr, and have them placed into albums. The most common complaint? The upload process doesn’t make it clear that you need to click “Upload” again, in the slightly unintuitive top-right corner after configuring your image options…

The below set of instructions will have you logged in, uploading pictures, and editing their descriptions, before adding them into either existing or new albums in moments!

Adding Pictures to Flickr and Placing Them into Existing or New Albums


  1. Visit Flickr:
  2. Hit “Sign in” in the top right corner.
  3. Enter your username and password. (or register a new account)
  4. Hit Upload
  5. Hit Choose Photos and videos
  6. Select all the pictures you’d like to upload
  7. For each picture, you can set a title, description, and, on the left, select “Add to Album” and drop the picture into the relevant album by clicking on the album (it will display a green tick). NOTE if the album doesn’t exist, you can add a new one here.
  8. IMPORTANT – after configuring your pictures, hit “Upload X Photos” in the top right (blue button) and this will put all the photos up into the relevant albums.

Questions? Leave a comment

Leave a comment below if this worked – or didn’t – for you.

14 thoughts on “How to Add Pictures to Flickr and Put Them Into an Album

    In 2015 they have a graphic image instead of the word ‘UPLOAD’
    The image is a cloud with an upwards pointing arrow.

  2. Thank you for this information. I will now attempt to follow the instructions to fill some albums with pictures. I will let you know how I make out

  3. Not all of my photos show up in the strip of photos at the bottom – so half of my photos of Venice for example never show up at the bottom. Why? How do I add them to my album?

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  5. I have tried to follow the instructions more than once. I do see the green tick when I select an album I had just created.. However, flickr adds the photos to an album that was created previously. Can someone help? Thanks.

  6. There seems to be a rather long list of terms related to sub-dividing images – “Albums, Sets, Collections, Tags, Categories, Galleries, Favs, Groups … maybe more”

    I’m not a “Pro” user, but I’d like to sub-divide my albums into sections for public viewers who won’t know any of the terms I use for Tags. I appear to be stuck in a hierarchical mindset like “Wildlife: -Birds, -Fish, -Reptiles, -Mammals”, or “Travels: -Mexico, -Chili, -Ireland, -Greece”.

    Is there a way to do this?



  7. When I try to add a photo to an album, it will put the photo in both the album and the main front page (which is what I don’t want). If I then delete it from the front page it also gets deleted from the album! Why? And how can I just add into an album and nowhere else?

  8. When I open Flickr, create a new album the screen reads “Drag stuff here to add it to the album”. Nice, user friendly, except it doesn’t work. When I drag a jpg to the screen, I get the message whether I would like to leave the site. If I do leave the site, Chrome opens the image, but nothing gets to my new album.
    I also don’t see any upload possibility, i.e. there is no cloud with an arrow into the cloud, nor a word, nor anything.

    Any help?

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