Ensuring Business Security Despite Laptop Ban and Border Password Requests

Many of the electronics restrictions imposed during 2017 have now been lifted. Read more about the 2017 laptop ban here.

How to ensure your business information is secure while employees and contractors travel.

Whether travelling to conferences, or checking-in on work whilst holidaying, travel restrictions imposed during 2017 in the US, Europe and elsewhere provided fresh challenges to businesses attempting to keep documents, emails, passwords and other communications safe.

Full details on the laptop ban.

Latest on password requests by US border agents.

Security in the Cloud

Google’s Google Workspace provides a neat way around the security risk posed when placing company devices into the hold or being forced to provide password access by US Border Agents.

By placing all company documents, emails and communications into Google’s Google Workspace, any devices and accounts provided by your company can be remotely managed to remove all access during device transit or employee travel.

A simple telephone call to the IT department can restore all access once an employee or contractor is safely through border checks or reunited with their devices from the hold luggage.

The new “travel mode” settings for security can even be pre-programmed by admins to make the process as swift as possible.

Unfortunately employees and contractors will no longer be able to work on-the-go, but companies can rest assured that critical business intelligence will remain secure during travel.

Get Started

To get setup with Google’s Google Workspace, or to configure your existing accounts to prepare for employee or device travel, contact Silicon Dales today.

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