Google+ Page / Profile Cover Image Size / Dimensions

We just recently revisited our Google+ Business page for Silicon Dales (see here) as our September office move highlighted the new presence of more than just one Google business listing, we now had a Google Places, a Google+ Local and a Google+ Page for Silicon Dales. This wasn’t intentional, we just rolled with the punches as Google kept belting out new services, so we have now successfully combined them with our postcard and telephone verification…

Anyway, that digression over, we realised our Google+ profile cover photo was now NOT in the correct size – it used to be long and thin, and now it is more ordinary dimensions. What is the correct new size for a Google+ photo, we wondered?

The answer: 480 x 270 – that is 480px x 270px

Make your Google+ cover image in those dimensions and upload it, and you’re all set for a correctly displayed Google+ Cover Image… until next time something changes at G+ 😉

Our new Google+ cover picture is this one of spring lambs we snapped by the River Cover, in God’s own Yorkshire Dales, in case you are interested:

Spring Lambs by River Cover, 2012, © Silicon Dales

Did the post above help or hinder your efforts to get a good cover photo listed on Google+ for yourself or your business profile? Leave a comment below! If you’d like us to maintain or manage a profile (or profiles) on behalf of your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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