How to search for similar images using an image

You’ve got an image that’s almost right, but not quite there. Sometimes you’ll need specific dimensions or a single image which can work on different screen sizes or with overlays on top. Maybe you want that colour, but not that shade. Whatever the reason, it can be frustrating to try and look for an image using words.

Step in: image search using images.

On Shutterstock

Users of Shutterstock will be familiar with this feature – every time you view a single image, Shutterstock will automatically show similar images and other images from the artist in case you like the setup or the style and want something just a little different.

However, Shutterstock recently introduced the “search with an image” feature, which can be found on the homepage here:

Simply choose the file or drag’n’drop and let Shutterstock filter out the similar images for you.

The obvious drawback here is that these images require payment for a licence to download and use, which leads to…

Google Image Search

If you’d like to search using an image on Google Image Search just do the following:

1. Go to

2. Click the camera icon: “search by image” and upload or link to the image in question
3. Scroll down the results page to “Visually similar images”

That’s it!

Get one made

If you’re really stuck for the right dimensions or composition, or maybe if you’re desperate for an original or “authentic” visual for your site, consider collecting together the images you’re interested in, then ask a graphic artist to put together the precise image you’re after.

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