Find out Apache, MySQL, PHP (etc) versions via Plesk

Are you running Plesk on your dedicated server or VPS? Do you want or need to know what version of MySQL, PHP, Apache – or anything else – your box is running, to relate to a client or stakeholder?

If you would like to find your Apache version and you do not have Plesk, click here.

You can find version numbers for certain things using phpinfo or in your server via SSH, but, since you have the ease of management gained by running a panel, isn’t there a Plesk-style way of doing this? Yes! There is! Read on…

Step 1 – login to Plesk

Login to Plesk as an administrator.

Step 2 – Click “Tools & Settings”

Open up the Tools & Settings screen from your Plesk panel.

Step 3 – Click “Server Components”

In the big list you see, click “Server Components” which can be found under the “Server Management” heading, here:

Plesk where to find PHP (etc) version numbers

This will load up a page which looks like this, where you can see everything relevant:

Step 2 – Plesk where to find PHP (etc) version numbers

Hint – Apache is called “HTTPD” – search that!

Have a look in the handy search tool for httpd, and this will show you the Apache version your Plesk is running.

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