REMOVE: beat with a shovel the weak google spots

Have you seen the following “search phrase” showing up in your Google Analytics keyword reports recently?

beat with a shovel the weak google spots

We have, and we have excluded this phrase from our Analytics for the future for ours, and scores of management and maintenance clients, too.

If you’d like to remove this phrase from your Analytics, and therefore stop this useless spam stuff from skewing your reports, you can, by doing the following:

Exclude a Search Phrase from Google Analytics

  1. Copy the phrase you want to exclude from Analtics – TIP, you don’t need to use the full thing, so we use “beat with a shovel the weak google” (we assume normal people won’t come to our website with a phrase that contains that string!)
  2. Go to “Admin” on the analytics profile in question
  3. In the middle panel, under “Property” click “Tracking Info” (its around the third one down)
  4. This will reveal a list of options, click “Search term exclusion list”
  5. Click “new search term”
  6. Paste your “beat with a shovel the weak google” phrase into the box and click “Create”
  7. Done! In future, searchers coming in (or fakers) using this phrase will not be logged as visits.

NOTE – Only For Future Searches

Please note, this will not remove the past results, only future visitors. To remove ones from the past, you’re going to need to ignore them, or do something else with your data beyond the scope of this tutorial.

This has been posted before, but each new offending phrase brings a whole new set of visits to our old tutorials, hence the re-post to cover people bothered by the phrase “beat with a shovel the weak google spots”… leave a comment before if this helped you out.

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