How to remove “People Also Like” section from a Facebook Page

If you’ve got a Facebook page for your business, fan page, community event or other thing worthy of gathering friends and followers alike, sometimes it isn’t so cool to be pointing those people at pages “People also like” on Facebook, which can sometimes include competitors, or, frankly, any old page from Facebook which your followers happen to like!

The instructions below will help you to get this section booted from your FB page, and therefore clean that unwanted section outta there.

How to remove “People Also Like” section from a Facebook Page

As with a lot of things Facebook, this can be turned off, but its a question of scouring for the setting… so I’ve made it easier for you.

The setting is in Facebook > your page > Settings > General and is called “Similar page suggestions”

You’ll find it in the long list under the “Profanity filter” – click “edit” and un-select the “Similar page suggestions” option, and hit save.

I’ve taken a screengrab for you too, below! Leave a comment if this helps you get this done today…

3 thoughts on “How to remove “People Also Like” section from a Facebook Page”

    • Yes. In most cases, where clients request this, its because their customers have said “hey why are you promoting X competitor on your Facebook!” – and therefore, they mind more about the adverse impact of this (uncontrollable) link to an unknown third party than the potential benefit of showing up on some other page. Generally, a business marketing strategy will not include this “people also like” as a traffic source in and of itself.


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