Upgrade Your Google Apps Account to Include Google Hangouts

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Silicon Dales has setup the majority of clients with Gmail for Domains, now known as Google for Work or Google Apps.

Basically, this means our clients have world class email systems, but they also have access to a suite of other Google services.

What services are included with my email package?

The Google Apps email accounts also include:

  • Docs – write spreadsheets, word documents and more, but here’s the kicker – you can share the document and work on it with colleagues at the same time, wherever you are.
  • Calendar – keep your dates in mind, set reminders, invite other colleagues and synchronize with your smartphone so you get reminders on the move!
  • Chat – this is being upgraded to “Hangouts” which means you can screen share, video chat, remote desktop and more.

How do I upgrade my chat feature to Hangouts?

Find the chat feature, bottom left of your email screen. Click on your picture. Click on “Try the new Hangouts”.


How do I find out more about Google Hangouts?

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  1. As a side note, using Hangouts, we can do things like takeover your screen, and this will allow us to achieve, for example, setting up your outlook email and etc remotely.

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