Why Your Website Needs a Security Certificate – and How to Get One


Users who browse the web using the Google Chrome browser will now be served with warnings whenever they view a website without a security certificate.

Google has said this is because:

“When you load a website over HTTP, someone else on the network can look at or modify the site before it gets to you.”

The new warnings will look like this:

Why You Need a Security Certificate

Here are four important benefits of having a valid security certificate for your website:

  1. Better security
  2. Better Search Engine Optimization scores
  3. A big trust signal for your customers
  4. Your eCommerce integrations will work properly

How to Get a Security Certificate

Free Security Certificate

To make the all-important move from HTTP to HTTPS, you will need a valid security certificate for your website.

It’s possible to install a free security certificate through Let’s Encrypt. You’ll need the login details for your hosting and, depending on your host’s setup, you’ll either be able to request a security certificate through your panel (which may cost extra, depending on your plan), or else you’ll need shell access (SSH) to install the certificate yourself.

Click here to get started with Let’s Encrypt

If you need help installing a security certificate on your hosting through SSH, Silicon Dales can help – get in touch today.

Extended Verification Security Certificate

This is the super-premium version of security certificates. It’s what banks use and will display as a green bar in the browser. When users click on the green bar they’ll be able to see information about your company, your website and the data it processes.

See the green bar in operation on Silicon Dales:

Extended Verification Security Certificates, or EV certificates, require you to provide full details of your business and pay a fee.

If you would like help to purchase and setup an Extended Verification Security Certificate for your website, simply contact Silicon Dales.

Click here to set up a security certificate with Silicon Dales.

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