What does justified mean?

We mention sometimes in Tutorials, and content about Google Docs, or WordPress, or in some other places when we are talking about blocks of text, the word “justified”… but what does this mean?

Well, the term generally means that the text forms a straight line on both sides – left and right.

People sometimes also use the phrase “left justified” to mean the text has a straight line down the left and side of the page, and the phrase “right justified” to mean the straight line is down the right hand side. I tend to prefer to refer to those situations as “left aligned” and “right aligned” in order that the potential for confusion is lower, because then the phrase “justify this text” always means make the margin a straight line on both sides.

So “justified” in a print, or Word Processing context means text which has a straight line down both sides – which is achieved by making the spaces between letters and words slightly bigger to force this style.


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