The Silicon Dales Guide to Open Source Licencing

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For some of our corporate clients used to paying for licences, Open Source can present the legal department with some challenges. This guide explains some of the terminology, the real-world application for the Open Source approach and where this has been tested in court. This guide will be of interest to legal departments and web …

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The Silicon Dales Guide to GDPR: What does it mean for WordPress & Open Source?

This guide looks at the impact of the GDPR with special regard to website admins, owners and developers – primarily those using the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, as well as those using Google’s Google Workspace.

Silicon Dales are accredited WooCommerce developers, as well as Google Partners reselling Google Workspace to business clients inside and outside of the European Union. While this content is primarily expected to be of interest to those in a similar position, it is likely that this explanation may well be of interest to webmasters, developers, web and PR agencies, business owners, as well as senior executives looking to come up to speed with GDPR, in the context of what this might mean for their web operations.

There is also some discussion of the wider WordPress and Open Source community and how the challenges of GDPR might be addressed within that context.

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Planning and Financing a Large Website Project

Large website projects might include a big or complex site, or a simple site reflecting a complex business. Either way, Silicon Dales has the expertise to help you get a great site built on budget and on time. In this guide, you will find points to consider and advice on choosing an approach from industry …

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The Silicon Dales Guide to PSD2

Introduction The Silicon Dales Guide to the Payment Services Directive (EU) 2015/2366 introduces the main ways in which PSD2 will affect online retail, specifically through WooCommerce. The EU has produced a really good helpsheet here. PSD2 entered into force on 13th January 2018. The purpose of PSD2 is to increase competition and security. It will achieve …

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