Case Study: One-off Big Traffic Optimization for Fairyloot

Fairy Loot booked Silicon Dales to optimize their WooCommerce site for their monthly subscription sign-up, which sees a huge traffic spike over the the course of a few hours.

The Client

Here at FairyLoot, Young Adult fiction is our forte, and we want each and every one of our boxes to be a special experience and make you feel like you are opening a box of treasure taken straight from a fairy’s lair.

We focus exclusively on fantasy and our books are all Young Adult or Young Adult crossovers.

Every month we have a different theme and select an exciting new title with 4-6 hand selected goodies. Our boxes are lovingly packed in the heart of London and sprinkled with fairy dust, every time.

The Task

Every month, Fairy Loot gets a traffic spike to a WordPress and WooCommerce site of thousands of fans signing up new subscriptions. The sheer volume of users was causing slow load times on the site and Michael from Fairy Loot reached out to Silicon Dales for a solution.

Silicon Dales worked with the team at Fairy Loot to perform a hosting migration and WooCommerce speed optimization. The front-end load times went from 3.96 s to under half a second as measured by Pingdom.

What the client said

Michael Sammer said of the experience:

“We have been experiencing an incredible amount of traffic lately and our website started to struggle with it. Speed and reliability are very important to us and even more so to our customers. We are very grateful that Silicon Dales managed to successfully identify the bottle necks of our website, solve the related scaling problems and deal with any future traffic spikes very efficiently.”

Get help with your traffic spikes

Silicon Dales have years of experience helping retail websites through traffic spikes, including after TV coverage or for planned sales events such as time-limited sign-ups. Get help with your WooCommerce website speed and reliability today, by contacting Silicon Dales.