10 Years of Silicon Dales!

We noticed today was the 23 July, and, while it may seem an inauspicious date to most, for us, here at Silicon Dales, it’s a pretty cool landmark… As you can see in the featured image, 23 July 2020 marks 10 years since we incorporated the business.

You can see most of the potted history of our business in the about page of this site, but what that page doesn’t tell you, is that around 10 years ago today, three of us – Linda, Jono and I – were sitting round a sunny table in rural France, hammering out the specifics of the company which was to become Silicon Dales Ltd, having already been actively working together since 2007.

Since setting out, we have:

  • added many new faces – arriving at a “future of work” methodology of working with literally hundreds of incredible accredited developers, designers, and other experts, whom we know to be truly world class. When we’re done, we could well write the book on working with distributed remote teams to land successful mid-large software projects;
  • pivoted and changed with the times more than once, but always we’ve stated true to our Open Source roots – WordPress in every project – and served our clients and customers like it means everything… because it does;
  • developed incredible partnerships, with the fine people at WooCommerce, Codeable, Shopify, BigCommerce, ActiveCampaign, Google, Amazon Web Services, Cloudways, Kinsta and more.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

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