About Us

Welcome to Silicon Dales, your strategic partner in digital transformation. We have evolved from our roots in serving small to medium-sized businesses to become a leading web development firm, specializing in enterprise-level WordPress and WooCommerce solutions. Our recent pivot towards this focus has already borne fruit, demonstrated by successful projects like our migration of key sales funnel websites from Adobe Experience Manager to WordPress—a complex undertaking that was completed within a tight schedule and involved collaboration across multiple departments from IT to C-Suite. We’ve also moved major eCommerce operations from Magento and other Enterprise commerce solutions onto WordPress with WooCommerce; in the process reducing operational costs while continuing to grow sales and demonstrate 100% Core Web Vitals compliance.

As active members of the WordPress and WooCommerce communities, we recently sponsored WordCamp US 2023 in National Harbor and are excited to sponsor the upcoming WordCamp in Whitley Bay, UK. These sponsorships not only underscore our commitment to open-source platforms but also align us with the most innovative trends and technologies in the industry.

In the fast-paced, ever-changing landscape of web development, staying stagnant is not an option, and we are continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible with WordPress and WooCommerce. Our team of skilled professionals is adept at tackling projects of any size and complexity, offering services that range from intricate theme and plugin development to elaborate replatforming operations and ecommerce integrations.

Our commitment to innovation, community involvement, and exceptional service delivery has positioned us at a pivotal juncture in our growth journey. Buoyed by our expansion into the enterprise sector, we’re excited about what the future holds.

For a deeper look at our service offerings tailored to enterprise-level needs, please visit our WordPress services and WooCommerce solutions pages.

Silicon Dales is more than just a web development company; we’re a partner committed to helping you achieve your digital transformation goals. Come grow with us!

Specialized Support

Our clients tend to have in-house IT and marketing departments; or we work with an agency specialising in a related field, which is looking for our specialized expertise. Once we’ve helped these business clients, we tend to stay around for the long haul, maintaining and overseeing growth into Open Source in multi-month or multi-year transformation projects.

Complement your IT department or agency staffing with specialist support from Silicon Dales. Book Now.

Who we are

We are open and honest about who we are. This information is in the footer of this website, on every page. Its in all our members’ email signatures. Its also listed here, for your reassurance. We insist our clients are transparent about who they are too. Its in our ethos.

Silicon Dales Ltd is a limited company registered in the jurisdiction of England and Wales.

The company carries the registration number: 07324510.

Silicon Dales is also registered for VAT, with the registration number: GB 111 682 442.

Our directors are Robin J.E. Scott, Jonathan Farrington and Linda Scott.

A brief history

The business has evolved and changed over more than a decade working continuously with open source softwares every single day.

24 Hour Trading

This business was started originally by Robin Scott, in 2004, trading as a sole proprietor under the name “24 Hour Trading”. In 2007, Linda Scott was added as a partner. On 23 July 2010 the business was incorporated in England & Wales as a limited liability company, with Jonathan Farrington coming onto the board of directors. In June 2012, Steven Haywood was added as a director.

WordPress was quickly selected as a platform for publishing business and customer focused websites.

Revenues from WordPress based business websites

During this period, the business was primarily engaged in launching business websites (ecommerce and ecommerce affiliate stores) which were subsequently sold on to investors. All sites were built using WordPress.

Silicon Dales launches

In March 2012, the Silicon Dales brand was launched in order to produce websites for business clients directly.

Evolution London

In January 2014, Silicon Dales merged with a business called Evolution London, taking on all clients from that business, the majority of which were WordPress based businesses on hosting, management or maintenance contracts.

Partnership with Google

The business became partnered with Google in 2013 to resell the then Google Apps suite of software.

This is now called Google Workspace and is a complete package of business software, cloud based, including docs and spreadsheets, Google Drive, and, most of all, Gmail for business, providing the best email system in the world (show us a better one!) to all devices for all employees.

Silicon Dales are able to deploy, manage, maintain and support businesses running Google Workspace, providing a real human face and technical support to Google’s outstanding product offering.

Partnership with WooCommerce

In 2014, Silicon Dales become accredited Woo Workers (now called WooExperts – check out our profile listing here), specialising in the WooCommerce extension for WordPress, a relationship which has been since strengthened, culminating with the establishment of Gold partnership status in January 2017 and now verified status (all WooExperts are now Verified, rather than tiered).

Find out more about WooCommerce development and support, here.

Business name change

In 2016, the revenue generated by Silicon Dales overtook the rest of the 24 Hour Trading business interests combined. For this reason, the decision was taken to sell off remaining websites and focus efforts on Silicon Dales, culminating in August 2017 with the business name changing to Silicon Dales Ltd. All other details remained the same.

Where Silicon Dales is based – Manchester UK

L.S. Lowry – Industrial Landscape, 1955

Silicon Dales has moved its headquarters several times. Its members and employees operate remotely: which is fast becoming the norm for web-based businesses.

Silicon Dales Ltd is based in Manchester, UK, with the registered office address: Silicon Dales Ltd, Bloc, 17 Marble Street, Manchester, M2 3AW.

The building name recently changed from Lowry House to Bloc. For those interested in such things, L.S. Lowry was an artist from Salford, Manchester, who painted pictures encapturing everyday life in an industrial Northern English city.

What Silicon Dales does

We provide the following services to businesses across the globe:

  • WordPress development, maintenance, management and support
  • WooCommerce development, maintenance, management and support
  • Google Workspace accredited resellers – deployments, maintenance, and support for your business’ Google accounts
  • Content production services – copy written for your business website to help pass on your messages to customers, and help your website to rank in search.
  • SEO services – full scale reviews, maintenance and management of a search engine standards compliant website which follows best practices.
  • Amazon Web Services consulting partners
  • Web hosting support, maintenance and management for your mission critical open source software (primarily larger WordPress & WooCommerce businesses)
  • Consultancy and support on the above
  • Support to agencies – Silicon Dales is a primarily technical business. We work with marketing, branding and digital agencies to assist in delivering quality open source code, deployments, migrations, hosting support and more.

If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, please contact us today.