Setting up your team for remote work

Over the next few months, a lot of companies will potentially instruct their teams to work from home or from remote hubs. Here, we pull together some useful tips for setting up teams for remote work:


We’re a little biased here, but after several years working with Google Workspace we’ve never had one complaint about the system. It’s seamless, works with every device and handles group email, aliases and delegated inboxes for those busy executives who need a second pair of eyes.

Google Workspace is also much more than just email – with doc storage, meetings (including a dial-in number for those on phones) and calendars, Google Workspace handles all those essential tasks that keep business moving.


Although Google Workspace includes chat – and makes it searchable for compliance purposes with Google Workspace Vault – there’s still something to be said for using Slack to get team working together in real time. Make it easy to share links, images and even set up alerts into specific channels from your online store, banking apps and email.

Sell more online

Some real strides have been made in selling online since many businesses first set up. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, there’s much more that can be done online with a trade site, portal or online store. Integrate with any system, get automations working and make sure your team is as hands-off as possible.

Not sure what you need?

Whatever your change management needs, moving to distributed working can have great upsides for both business and individuals. Schedule a consultation to discuss the tools which can help move your processes to remote working.

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