Community Engagement Websites

Big projects need all stakeholders onboard. So how do you reach out to members of the public and civil society? What is the best way to approach local representatives and campaign groups?

A clear website with up to date information is a great place to start.

Who Is This For?

Types of Organizations

This service is mostly for:

  • Construction firms & consortia – for major infrastructure projects, mining and minerals extractions, or other similar activities;
  • Corporations – medium and larger corporate entities;
  • Governmental organizations and departments;
  • Charities and Non-Governmental Organizations;
  • Educational Institutions like Universities and Colleges.

Your Engagement Requirement

Whatever corporate structure you have, this service is relevant to you if you have to carry out the following type of activities, and an interactive website would be beneficial to deliver these messages:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Public Engagement
  • Public & Community Engagement

What We Can Build

Silicon Dales designed, built and managed


Create libraries with as many documents as you wish, whether in PDF or another doc format, or as webpages. Give your team the ability to upload more and publish new information as it becomes available.

Interactive maps & video

Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust interactive catchment map built by Silicon Dales

Create and display rich content showing information and data in a new way for a variety of stakeholders. Include links to specific webpages and layered information such as flood zones on maps and supporting videos.

Interactive map of the World – for a global security consultancy

Registration of Interest

Gather stakeholder contact details in a scalable way and create segmented contact lists based on region, sector or other data sets.

Stakeholder Directories

Create a public display of registered stakeholder organisations such as environmental groups or traditional owner organizations to make it easier for members of the public to gather together and have their voices supported, heard and amplified.


Keep everyone informed of public events such as site visits, workshops and townhalls with calendar notifications, registrations and even ticketing.

Social Media

To keep your community engagement site fresh, pull in feeds from Twitter and Facebook, allowing visitors to the site to see answers to recent questions or the most recent photos from the project.


Get multi-language versions of your site and baked-in, best-practice, accessibility. Easy PDF uploads and video embeds for First Nation and Traditional Owner languages.


Community engagement is often a natural part of any major project’s regulatory compliance. Silicon Dales can help your company achieve your community engagement goals with elegant technical solutions. A high quality website will assist with Duty to Consult obligations and formation of Impact Assessments.

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