How to Turn Off or Change the “Life Companion” Home Screen Text on Samsung Galaxy S4

My phone is not a “Life Companion” your phone is not a “Life Companion”.

No matter how smart your smartphone is, and there is no denying the Samsung Galaxy s4 that we use at Silicon Dales is a very smart phone (maybe the battery life could be a little longer, but you can’t win them all…), it is still just that. A phone.

So when you first unbox your Samsung Galaxy s4, turn it on, and realise that your phone considers itself to be a “Life Companion” perhaps, understandably, like us, you think, “hey, isn’t there some way to disable that?!”.

Well, there is, and I will describe how below, because, it took us a little while to work out how, and, a few days ago, when having coffee with friends, it became apparent I was the only person who had succesfully changed my phone’s welcome screen to read “Just Rob’s phone..”.

How to Change or Turn Off “Life Companion” Message on Samsung Galaxy s4

  1. Turn on and open your phone’s main screen
  2. Click “apps”
  3. Find “Settings” and open that
  4. At the top, you want the second option, “My Device”
  5. The first option is called “Lock Screen”
  6. Click “Lock Screen Widgets”
  7. Click “Edit Personal Information”
  8. Here you can edit the message!

So, that’s Settings > My Device > Lock Screen > Lock Screen Widgets > Edit Personal Information

Simple! (or not…)

Leave a comment if this worked for you

Leave a comment below if this has been bugging you for ages and you finally got it fixed using the instructions! Or, if you still need help getting this message changed.

Change the picture?

You’ll also notice I edited my lock screen to have a picture of a fire on it. If you’d like to know how to edit this picture, that is for another time, request this in the comments below.

19 thoughts on “How to Turn Off or Change the “Life Companion” Home Screen Text on Samsung Galaxy S4”

  1. Thanks, all that really helpful. But can you tell me now how to get Yahoo on my S4 – was already installed on the ACE2 – my gmail is synced but can’t find Yahoo. Thanks

  2. Does anyone know how to change the password for Life Companion so I can get to Settings and get rid of it. I have tried dragging it down but I am not getting anywhere. I don’t even know why it came up – have not seen it before so I do not know what the password even is. It is on my S4 and have this phone for about 6 years.
    Thanks for any help because I do not want to reset and lose everything on my phone!

  3. Thanks for that, my husband has only had the phone less than a week and he hated the life companion bit. Very clear and easy to follow instructions. Thanks


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