MySQL Innodb Tables Crashing on AWS EC2 Instance? Is Your Disk Full?

We’ve been asked to troubleshoot Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) instances for a number of reasons.

Recently, we took a look at an Amazon EC2 instance which was being used as a MySQL server and the task was to see why several MySQL innodb tables were crashing. The situation had got so bad that MySQL could not even be started at all.

Something was clearly wrong.

But not, however, something very complicated.

Quite simply, the disk was full, as the following command told us:

df -H

If your disk is full, you won’t be able to start MySQL particularly if you use innodb, as there’s some space required for various things.

The solution: create a new EBS instance with more space allocated, and attach that to our EC2 instance. If you want to know how to do THAT, leave a comment below and we’ll get another EC2 / AWS / EBS tutorial put together for you from our codebank!

Good luck with your AWS instance!

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