How to get a WP Engine account for under $20 a month

We’ve spent a lot of time over the years evaluating hosting for WordPress. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly (GoDaddy, I’m looking a little bit at you, okay!?) and, as we’re honing our WordPress offering to offer maintenance and support for the very best WordPress installs out there, we’re always looking to partner with hosting providers who have their stuff together when it comes to hosting WordPress.

Right off the bat, a disclosure.

This article contains our Partner links. We will be paid a referral fee if you use this link to signup at WP Engine. You will also receive a discount, too, which is the point of this article. We are aiming for the elusive win win win here. Win for us (another wp site on a good host + some money for promoting this). Win for you (better WP hosting). Win for WP Engine (they are a business, they want your custom!).

Now we’ve got our transparency out of the way up front (I know, right, post-modern), below is the meat and bones you will actually be able to use to make your WordPress website fly, and get it for cheaper, at least for year 1.

 How to get a WP Engine account for under $20 a month

  1. Visit this link – this copies the coupon code “wpe20off” (without quotes) for checkout (in a new tab)
  2. Signup for the “Personal Plan” (assuming this is appropriate)
  3. Select 12 months (paying annually) – this gives you 2 months free – 12 months for the price of 10
  4. Apply the coupon (right hand side – photograph to the right too!) and you’ll get the price down to $232 for the year
  5. Complete the signup and pay!

That is under $20 a month 🙂

This price – $232 per year – divided by 12 months = $19.34 (well actually 19.33333 (recurring!)) per month, which is, as the title promised, under $20 a month.

That is a ridiculous price to get really powerful WP Engine hosting!

Power This Up!!

Want to put this hosting on powerdrive? Of course you do! 🙂 Talk to Silicon Dales about some major site optimization and our WordPress maintenance packages. Just get in touch today.

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