How to fill your WordPress website with great looking video

Video is a great way to present your business to customers and partners. Create an immersive experience and find news ways to introduce concepts to your audience.

High quality video is now available more easily than ever using some of the services and tools below:

Finding Video

Stock Footage

A quick way to give viewers what they’re looking for is to use professional footage from a stock video service such as Shutterstock, Adobe, Getty’s iStock or Envato.

Adobe offers HD, 4K, Motion Graphics and Video Loops

Hipster Footage

The best thing about the Getty footage platform is that they have an entire category devoted to “hipster”, complete with tattoos, bikes, straw hats, top knots and beards – check it out here.

PR Footage

Most manufacturers of products will provide some promotional footage to relevant websites for free. Ask the players in your industry or check out some of these platforms, which provide product footage for free to relevant content producers:

  • EPK – trailers for most major films and video games
  • Red Bull – video and imagery from the full suite of Red Bull sponsored sports
  • The News Market – promotional video and imagery

These are just examples – check in with the press office or PR officer for the products and events you work with. They will almost always have raw imagery and footage you can use to make your own clip.

Making Video

Having unique footage in a house style is best. It’s easier than ever (and quite economical) to hire a videographer  or animator to help with this. Fiverr has a full range of options for assistance making video – from intros and outros to presenters, animation and video editing.

Just some of the video creating options available at Fiverr


Screencasting is a good way to get started with video and doesn’t require a camera, though a webcam will do.

Screencast-O-Matic is a great starting place for recording your screen and webcam – there are also handy editing options and an API for developers.


Adobe has a suite of video editing software options which are truly outstanding.

However, for smaller budgets, the Youtube Studio beta offers many of the main features required to edit a video clip. To setup a business Youtube account, check out our Google Workspace services.

Upskilling in video

To shoot your own video with a camera and editing software, consider taking a course to get the most from your visuals.

Uploading and Embedding Video

The usual services for uploading and embedding video are Youtube or Vimeo – if you’d like a business Youtube account setting up, check out our Google Workspace services here.

It’s easy to embed a Youtube video from within WordPress – simply paste the URL into the editor and let WordPress style up the video for you.


Most themes have inbuilt options for displaying video options – play around with a few settings to see if you can get the look you’re going for.

Some themes, however, are specifically designed to showcase or work with video.

Want help?

Book Silicon Dales for expert assistance importing images, configuring image display and making custom WordPress themes.

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