Case Study: GDPR Review for booked Silicon Dales to draft new developer guidelines incorporating the implications of GDPR for their platform, which connects web developers with clients.

The Client

Codeable is an outsourcing service specifically aimed at WordPress website owners. Website owners can easily post a task and receive helpful assistance from quality WordPress developers within minutes.


“We know it’s hard to find a reliable WordPress expert when you need one, which is why we set out on a mission to bring them all to one place: here.”

There is a pool of around 300 expert WordPress developers on the platform, all of whom have been vetted before joining the platform.

For more information on Codeable, see our page here.

The Task

The new EU data protection laws introduced in May 2018 were going to have a big impact on the way website owners and web developers designed and built new websites and systems. Robin Scott from Silicon Dales investigated these changes in conjunction with the team at Codeable and Chris Osborne of D.Labs.
Recommendations were made for the most common and important examples of where GDPR would change the job for developers.

Robin’s advice was incorporated into a video as well as documentation over on the Codeable Black Book at GitHub. Additionally, a related 15 minute quiz was developed for experts to test their knowledge and demonstrate to potential clients that they had taken compliance considerations on board.

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